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Introducing Reporting Test Driven Development (RTDD)

In the era of “[.. ] Driven Development” trends like BDD, TDD, and ATDD it is also important to realize the end goal of testing, and that’s the quality analysis phase. In many of my engagements with customers, and also… Continue Reading →

Windows Phone 8 handsets are starting to pop out

Hi, As many anticipated, we are starting to see more and more investment in the new Windows Phone platform, by many OEM’s and not only Nokia which is collaborating for a while with Microsoft. In this short post, i will… Continue Reading →

Picking the right handsets for your project

Hi We all know that the mobile world is dynamic, plenty of new handsets are being shipped at the same time in which we develop our product and testing on the (what we believe) is the “hottest” handsets in the… Continue Reading →

Cross Platform mobile development tool – Titanium

All This is a Testing blog however i¬†recently get a lot of questions around Mobile development/porting for cross platform¬†projects (Android/iOS etc.). For this cases there are several good and free tools out there which can be used such as PhoneGap… Continue Reading →

Mobile project planning

Hi Up until now i covered in the various posts the aspects of Mobile testing, trends, tools for automation, mobile platforms etc. All of the above does not help much if the mobile project is not well planned in advanced… Continue Reading →

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