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Mobile Test Automation Coverage Requirement – Q22018

Those who continuously follow my blogs and webinars, know that i constantly follow the market trends, to recommend best coverage requirements. The mobile landscape fragmentation isn’t new, and continuously presents a challenge to mobile application developers and testers. In this… Continue Reading →

3 Motivations That Made Me Switch From iOS to Android

As a mobile evangelist at Perfecto, i foresee the entire mobile and web space for the past 10+ years, following major trends both in the device/hardware front as well as the platform/OS (operating System) front. I was an Apple user… Continue Reading →

Best practices for iOS mobile application testing

Hi iOS changed the mobility game, no doubt about it. It paved the way for the ‘mobile era’ by offering amazing functionality with a simple user experience.  However when it comes to testing and monitoring, working with the iPhone/iPad mobile… Continue Reading →

IDC 2012 report around mobile and additional post on mobile testing

Hi Redirecting to 2 new posts i’ve made on PerfectoMobile blog: Enjoy Eran

Latest news from the mobile world

Hi, In the last couple of days and with the new iPhone5 announcement i wanted to gather the main highlights in one place 🙂 iPhone 5 ( which was announced shall be available next week together with a possible launch of the… Continue Reading →

Cross browser comparison (Focus on iOS)

Hi It is a fact that more and more hybrid/web application are being developed lately, HTML5 applications and more The common assumption by the application developers is that since it is a web application is will run cross platform without… Continue Reading →

Picking the right handsets for your project

Hi We all know that the mobile world is dynamic, plenty of new handsets are being shipped at the same time in which we develop our product and testing on the (what we believe) is the “hottest” handsets in the… Continue Reading →

Cross Platform mobile development tool – Titanium

All This is a Testing blog however i recently get a lot of questions around Mobile development/porting for cross platform projects (Android/iOS etc.). For this cases there are several good and free tools out there which can be used such as PhoneGap… Continue Reading →

Mobile project planning

Hi Up until now i covered in the various posts the aspects of Mobile testing, trends, tools for automation, mobile platforms etc. All of the above does not help much if the mobile project is not well planned in advanced… Continue Reading →

Free iOS automation testing tool – Test Studio for iOS

Hi I will not write too much in this post, just wanted to provide a link for a free mobile automation tool for iOS web/GUI applications which is available in the App Store The tool provides a simple record/replay… Continue Reading →

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