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Blog series: (1) Mobile Market Landscape: 2015 Highlights

As we wrap up another year, we thought it would be fun and informative to take a look back at the mobile devices, operating system updates and trends that hit the market this year. Let’s start with this bird’s-eye view… Continue Reading →

How does iOS 7 Adoption Compared with iOS 6?

Referring you all to a recent blog on the interesting insights around iOS adoption

IDC 2012 report around mobile and additional post on mobile testing

Hi Redirecting to 2 new posts i’ve made on PerfectoMobile blog: Enjoy Eran

Mobile trends which are expected in 2013

Check out the post on PerfectoMobile blog:   Regards Eran

Check out the Testing center of excellence by PerfectoMobile Blog

Hi My posts and others around mobile testing, trends, tools, cloud testing, Mobile ALM solution and more Regards, Eran

Windows Phone 8 handsets are starting to pop out

Hi, As many anticipated, we are starting to see more and more investment in the new Windows Phone platform, by many OEM’s and not only Nokia which is collaborating for a while with Microsoft. In this short post, i will… Continue Reading →

Picking the right handsets for your project

Hi We all know that the mobile world is dynamic, plenty of new handsets are being shipped at the same time in which we develop our product and testing on the (what we believe) is the “hottest” handsets in the… Continue Reading →

Mobile platform latest trends and stats

Hi, Based on latest market researches by Gartner and others it shows that still there are 2 main players in the mobile industry: Android OS (Google)¬†with ~56% market share, and iOS (Apple) with ~23% market share. See the cut in… Continue Reading →

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