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Mobile world trends

Cross Platform mobile development tool – Titanium

All This is a Testing blog however i recently get a lot of questions around Mobile development/porting for cross platform projects (Android/iOS etc.). For this cases there are several good and free tools out there which can be used such as PhoneGap… Continue Reading →

Mobile project planning

Hi Up until now i covered in the various posts the aspects of Mobile testing, trends, tools for automation, mobile platforms etc. All of the above does not help much if the mobile project is not well planned in advanced… Continue Reading →

Free iOS automation testing tool – Test Studio for iOS

Hi I will not write too much in this post, just wanted to provide a link for a free mobile automation tool for iOS web/GUI applications which is available in the App Store The tool provides a simple record/replay… Continue Reading →

Integrating a new Android AVD (Emulator) into Android SDK

Hi In this post i would simply show the quick and simple steps on how to add a new OEM Emulator into your Android SDK and run a sample Android application (APK) on it or on a specific Emulator. The assumption… Continue Reading →

Latest Mobile world news (July 2012)

Hi, I’ve collected few topics which are “hot” these days in the mobile world and which i find interesting and relevant to the global audience. Apple states that NFC support  (Near Field communication) might be included in the next iPhone 5… Continue Reading →

Porting mobile apps – few guidelines and insights

Hi When we talk about mobile world complexities, it is important to understand the meaning of Porting. We know that the mobile platform is dynamic, often changes and being influenced by many aspects (Calls, SMS’s and other interrupts, but also… Continue Reading →

Windows Phone platform – Useful information

All, Many people were surprised a while back when Microsoft and Nokia joined forces to build the future platform for Microsoft targeted for Windows-based smart phone and Tablets. Time passed, and it seems like a lot is going on in the Windows… Continue Reading →

Automating mobile tests with SeeTest by Experitest

Hi, In this short post i will introduce the SeeTest mobile automation testing tool which penetrates the mobile land and provides a very good automation and LAN Cloud solution for iOS/Android and other mobile OS’s. The tool can be downloaded for short… Continue Reading →

What should we expect in the upcoming Android 4.1 – JellyBeans

Hi, With quite low % of penetration (lower than expected) of the ICS to the Android world, we start to hear more and more about the upcoming release of Android which should be called Jelly Beans (Android 4.1) It is… Continue Reading →

Mobile platform latest trends and stats

Hi, Based on latest market researches by Gartner and others it shows that still there are 2 main players in the mobile industry: Android OS (Google) with ~56% market share, and iOS (Apple) with ~23% market share. See the cut in… Continue Reading →

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