This week I was excited to launch my second book titled “Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals” – available on Amazon under paperback and kindle editions.

This book is released a bit more than a year since my previous book “The Digital Quality Handbook” was introduced.

So, what is so great about the 2nd book? – In one word – Everything!

This book was developed by myself in collaboration with some of the brightest leaders in the DevOps and Testing industry, including key experts from CloudBees, Tricentis, Testim.IO, Test.AI, Now Secure, Perfecto (Few experts from Perfecto – Brad Hart, Yoram Mizrachi, Tzvika Shahaf, Rotem Kaner, Genady Rashkovan, Roy Nuriel), and with individuals like Joe Colantonio, Jonathan Lipps, Nikolay Advodkin, Greg Sypolt, T.J Maher, Brian Reed, Mike Lyles, and Alan Page.

Another great thing about this book is that all of the profits from it goes to organization to support great cause.

How To Read the Book?

The book addresses all the DevOps practitioners including software developers, testers, operation managers, and IT/Business executives. It covers almost any of the digital platforms for testing that includes Mobile real devices and Emulators/Simulators, Desktop Web (Responsive, Progressive), IOT, OTT, Chatbots, and touches on various testing techniques like BDD, ATDD, Exploratory Testing, Security Testing, with deep dive into frameworks like Espresso, XCUITest, Appium, Gauge, React Native app testing, and many more.

It consists of the 4 following sections:

  1. Fundamentals of Continuous Testing
    The first section of the book is fully focused on the definition of CT, the ways to build a CT plan and measure it, the role of each testing methodology within the DevOps pipeline, the continuous operation place within DevOps, the ways that practitioners can leverage smart test data to drive business-critical decisions, and in addition, an advanced overview on orchestrating the entire DevOps pipeline
  2. Continuous testing for web apps
    This section is fully dedicated to continuous testing of web applications that includes responsive web (RWD), progressive web apps (PWAs), leveraging headless browsers for testing web apps, accessibility testing 101, introduction to an innovative BDD framework (Gauge) for web testing, and more
  3. Continuous testing for mobile apps
    This section is focused on advanced mobile native apps techniques that cover the leading frameworks like Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, and in addition, provides a practical guide to testing complex react native apps using Appium.
  4. Advancing continuous testing
    The final section of the book is all about the future of continuous testing with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence and their roles in enhancing traditional testing practices. Also, this section addresses testing for IOT and OTT devices, and leveraging mock test data for CT.

Truly exciting times for me and the entire industry.

With this blog, I wish again to extend my great appreciation and thanks to the above mentioned companies and individual contributors who made this journey a success.

For those of you who are going to purchase and read the book, I would appreciate if you help by posting a review on Amazon.

As of today when writing this blog, the book is positioned as #2 in the Hot New Releases books under Software Development category in Amazon.

Thanks and Happy Continuous Testing!

Eran Kinsbruner