My name is Eran Kinsbruner, I live in Boston, MA (As you can see above :))

I am Director, lead evangelist and development leader and veteran,  who’s been in the dev & test industry since 1999.

The creator and author of the quarterly Digital Test Coverage factors magazine, and co-inventor of the test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing at Sun Microsystems, I serve as a prominent resource for every step of the app development cycle.

Author of the Digital Quality Handbook, and a monthly columnist at InfoWorld.Com.

An influential blogger and speaker at global conferences like StarEast, StarWest, DevOps West, AndroidSummit, Eurostar, Automation Guild and QAI Quest, I’m trying to provide valuable practices to developers and testers at organizations large and small. At a community level, I’ve founded Meetups in both Boston and Israel to empower, educate, and bring together local dev/test experts, and launched a LinkedIn Group with over 5,400 mobile developers and testers from all over the world.

Currently, as mentioned above, I am the lead  Technical Evangelist at Perfecto, the leading cloud-based web, and mobile quality lab

If you have questions, or comments – feel free to email me:


or follow me on twitter at @ek121268