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May 2012

Debugging and logs with Android OS (Device/Emulator)

Hi, We all know that when developing a mobile application (In this case, for Android) we need to have runtime live data throughout the testing life-cycle. We want to understand how the processes are handled, if something goes wrong, to… Continue Reading →

Complexities in automating tests on mobile platforms

Hi, In previous blogs i shared some of the difficulties in running a mobile project, and few leading cloud based solutions which can be useful in dealing with few of the difficulties i raised. In this blog i would like to… Continue Reading →

Mobile testing in the cloud

Hi, In this short blog, I will try to give a small taste of the mobile testing cloud leading solutions these days (I am sure that there are many more, but these are the one i ran across and can point you… Continue Reading →

Mobile Testing fundamentals – Introduction

Hi, This is the first blog in a long series of blogs which i intend on writing in the near future. As we all know, the world is mobilizing its business in a constant way, and we are now facing… Continue Reading →

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